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Title: The relations we create, Oil on Canvas
2009, Private Collection

As I would squabble about in the relationship phase of the cycle of consciousness, as individuals we never share the same space. Granted in relation to other physical things, yes. …BUT as the earth rotates, its orbit with the sun and subsequently the speed of the solar system and the Milky Way it is impossible to share the same space. The painting portrays a speaker/preacher in cultivated space to relate with an approaching figure. The intention also was to illustrate the scope from planetary space to human architecture.

Title: Boxed consciousness, Oil on Canvas
2009, Private Collection

The intention was to display anxiety in the sense of our relation to time (past present and future) and obviously space (boxes). In the battle of chaos and self control the individual might find clarity. Confrontation with the dawn of a new cycle, the 3D rendered tree with the golden snake and the fruit presents us with new temptations regardless of the responsibility of developing world.

Title: Four nebulae creating a sun, Oil on Canvas
2009, Private Collection

I always loved astronomy and the thought that stars are born from nebula cloud and dust inspired this painting.

The four figures almost aligned posed differently to simulate movement, in celebration of the new sun which is only partially presented illustrating the monumental size of the cosmic object.

Title: Surrender, Oil on Canvas
2009, Private Collection

A naked male dropping his sword on the bridge of transition from the old to the new. In not so much admitting defeat but more a question of – WHY?