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Centurion Art Association Artist of the Year Exhibition 2016

Alma Vorster Overall winner (2015) opened the Centurion Art Association Artist of the Year Exhibition 2016 with the theme “reflections” quoting the words of the world famous artist Vincent van Gogh that said “I put my heart and my soul into my art and lost my mind in the process!”  On the question why artists create she quoted Picasso, George Bernard Shaw and emphasized more insight from Vincent van Gogh “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home

The Centurion Art Association over the years created much needed opportunities for amateur and professional artist to develop and exhibit their creative inspirations. Workshops are presented from illustration, watercolors to Pop art, allowing the members to develop their own skills respectively.

The exhibition and competition allows artist to present their work based on a theme. The theme for 2016 “reflections” allowed members to discover more that one way to present their concept of reflection as art be it physical, metaphysical, personal or from an environmental awareness and perspective. Various categories such as painting, sculpture, watercolors, drawing, photography, conceptual and mix media gave artist the opportunity to explore.

Carl Jeppe leading the judging of the competition said the following “Well, this year there were several aspects that stood out: the theme: “Reflections” was very well thought through by most of the artists, some took it literally and others metaphorically. Don’t we all need to reflect sometimes? Great theme! The judges were looking for some thoughtful interpretations. Beyond that, we wanted to see good technique, and really, we found it! One just has to go and look at the work done by the prize winners to see how they’ve handled their medium.  Of course, this doesn’t come quickly: one can be blessed with enormous talent, but on top of that, one has to put in the time, and the effort, striving to perfect ones technique. That requires Passion and commitment…

The following winners were selected by the judges for trophies and prizes: Kobus Kapp (Overall and painting), Mariette Minnaar (Runner-up and conceptual), Alma Vorster (Watercolors), Liz Davies (Drawing), Dries Marais (Sculpture), Louise Breugem (Mix media), Annelie Volschenk (Photography) and in the Youth category winners: Kirsten Minnaar (gr 8-12), Shanike Jordaan (Gr 4-7), Armand Tiedt (Gr0-30 and Jordin Phillips (Sculpture)

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