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The "Love Life" 3 art exhibition entails the exploration of the grandest of unexpected adventures, the love journey that is the core of all our lives. The symbolism in most of my artwork displays the contrast of the battle in our distinction between the present, from whence we map our direction, and to the past which is integral to the exploration of our future.

The portal of life and knowledge, has a grand symbolic significance in this most of my art, it illustrates our two conceptually distinct conditions: The one, placing emphasis on life and the other knowledge.

Even though knowledge is relative to its quantitative accumulation; we are each still continously defining the quality of our cosmical existence, insomuch that the enactment of our present decisions requires a conscious critiquing - judging between that which is unfortunate versus that what is more fortunate in our perception, why not just love our present to be as it is? This question remains integrally the secret to loving life, as it intrinsically requires the acceptance of our existence as beings of consciousness and love. Thus, I encourage you, may this exhibition make you experience a rekindled love for life!



Love Life II is Kobus Kapp’s third solo exhibition and follows a theme of past, present and future in illustrations, paintings and sculptures. According to Kobus, a celebration of life in the present – always viewed in relation to the past – directs our future, without judgment of ideas and concepts as good or bad. He believes that art should always remind us of our attempts in the present, enable us to admire our achievements in the past and encourage us to maintain high standards in the future.

His first solo exhibition was in 2011, when he exhibited in Worcester at the Hugo Naudé Art Gallery. In 2015 his second solo exhibition, Love Life, was held at the Boutique Hotel, 131 Herbert Baker, Pretoria.

Born in 1962, Kobus obtained his BA (Fine Arts) degree from the then PU vir CHO (today North West University) in 1984. As a visual communications practitioner based in Centurion for a number of years, Kobus designed mainly print graphic material for various corporates. During 2006, he was also involved in the publishing of a magazine, distributed nationally.

For the past few years, Kobus has been involved with the Centurion Arts Association, where he participated in a number of group exhibitions. His art works have found appreciative homes countrywide.


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